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Modulation Therapeutics is dedicated towards the rapid and cost effective advancement of early stage first in class molecules targeting the tumor microenvironment. Tumors that home or metastasize to the bone are typically difficult to treat with standard chemotherapy. We propose that strategies to eradicate tumors that home or metastasize to the bone marrow compartment must include disrupting tumor-host interactions. Our lead compound MTI-101 targets CD44, a cell adhesion molecule required for homing to the bone. Our compound shows activity as a single agent using myeloma in vivo models. We project IND filing of our lead compound MTI-101 in the first quarter of 2017. Our goal is to develop the lead compound for the treatment of Multiple Myeloma, a plasma cell tumor which homes to the bone and a disease which currently has no curative therapies available

Pipeline development

  • Lead Compound MTI-101
  • IND filing first quarter 2017

Stable conformations of a cyclic beta-hairpin peptidomimetic